We would like to involve as many local merchants this year as possible.  So if you are reading this, it is an opportunity to involve you, your business/store or community group.  Participation is optional, but as with the 19th ward Treasure Hunt, we are hoping to get more people into your stores/businesses as part of the event.  From a marketing position while the Luminary Evening is about building community, it is also about rebranding the 19th ward, and by extension our businesses as a good family oriented places to be. It also gives us a chance to get customers into your stores to pick up Luminary kits, or to buy Luminary Supplies.

So as a business/merchant there are a few ways you can participate in the event.

1. Place an add or coupon in the flier.  As mentioned we are hoping to try to distribute fliers to all of the residents in the 19th ward, as well as have them delivered to the students in the new student housing.  Ads need to be submitted to me by 12/15/11 and should be business card size.  While there is not a charge to be listed in the flier, I am hoping for at least a $25 donation to help defray costs.  Donations should be made out and sent to the 19th Ward Association, with a note indicating it is for the Luminary Evening.You should send art work for the inert there as well.  Space is limited in the flier, so if you want to reserve a space, let me know soon.

2. Become a sponsor - and give away free samples (we will provide them) to customers between January 1st and the January 17th. 

3. Make and sell your own customized Luminary Kits and keep all the money for yourself.  Be as creative as you want.  Some people will pay a little more for a good product.  We are trying to grow this event every year, so establish your base with future customers.

4. Or sell some of the Luminary Kits we can provide you and keep up to $2 for yourself, but give at least 2 dollars per Luminary Kit back to the 19th ward Association.

5. Consider hosting a Hot Chocolate Stand, Hot Cider Stand, etc on the Luminary Evening.  This is more practicable for the area around Boulder Coffee, particularly the hotel, and Dalberths.  Luminaries on the main streets get washed out due to the bright lights.  However we are hoping to have students at the new housing involved. The idea is to have them walk up Barton Street to St. Monica's for Hot Chocolate, then down to Boulder and/or the Hotel, then back to the housing.  If we have a few merchants in that area participating, then we can highlight it in our media attention. The TV film camera's would enjoy that as a good visual.

6. Set out Luminaries the evening of the 19th, and encourage your neighbors to do so as well.  

 If you have questions, have ideas to share, or want to know more on how to participate please click the email link below and send us a message.

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