Luminary Evening

On the Monday evening of Martin Luther King Day at sunset (6:00pm) set out your Luminaries parallel to the street. To set out  Luminaries put sand (included in the sets of 10), road salt,  or another substance in the bottom of the bag, to hold it  down. Then set the candle in the bag and light the candle. 

Then go for a walk and enjoy the lights.  Several streets are hosting hot chocolate stands  or other get togethers.  If your street does not have a red dot and you want to host a food or beverage stand in your front yard, send an email to to let us know and we will add you to the map.  Many of the same families as last year are hosting  hot chocolate stands  and bonfires.  So  after setting out your Luminaries go walk around and visit  with your neighbors.

Rick Queenan designed our Luminary yard signs. Feel free to print one out and stick it in your house or car window.  We are having new signs printed and we will be looking for volunteers to have signs put up in their yards.  If you have an old sign, please set it out in early January.

Planning for the Luminary event is still ongoing. Check out the Location19 web site and 19th Ward Association web site to be kept up to date on when the next Luminary planning event will be held.

If you (or you and a few neighbors) want to host a Hot Spot, send an email to with the address and what you will have and we will add it to the map.  

Hot Spots List - Google Map Link -

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